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This site is dedicated to the short-lived television series, Veritas: The Quest and Haley Cayce-Zond & Solomon Zond (played by Marybeth Cameron and Alex Carter). It was a family-friendly action-fantasy series with a lot of humor. After being expelled from the fourth boarding school in three years, Nikko Zond learns his father isn’t really the mild-mannered Princeton archeology professor he’s always believed him to be. Instead, Solomon Zond heads up the Veritas Foundation. He and his team search for answers to the true history of civilization. The quest has become Solomon’s obsession since the disappearance and presumed death of his wife, Haley, while on an archaeological dig with their son, Nikko, ten years before. He’s distanced himself from Nikko in a vain effort to keep him safe. Along for the adventure is Maggie Hayes, a close friend of Solomon’s who is a computer specialist and scientist who dabbles in numerous other fields; Vincent Siminou, a security expert with a mysteries past who is another close friend of Solomon’s; and Calvin Banks, a young archaeologist with degrees in astronomy and paleontology who is a former student of Solomon’s. New to the team is Juliet Droil, another former student of Solomon’s whom he hires to be Nikko’s tutor while she works on her doctorate degree. The foundation is funded by a mysterious benefactor, Jacques De Molay. All the while they compete with a very old secret organization known as Dorna, which is after the same artifacts as Veritas, but who isn’t as in the dark about what it all means.

Sadly, ABC only aired four episodes of the show (including a shortened version of the pilot) before canceling it, though the remaining episodes aired in other countries.

Haley & Solomon:

mini-mural of young Nikko and Haley talking to Solomon via satellite feed
Why they are the best: Eternal devotion. Even though Haley had been presumed dead Solomon still loved her. They were both archaeologists willing to put their lives on the line for the pursuit of the truth. And in the end we’re left wondering…did she really die?

Favorite Moment: Technically we only had the one flashback scene between them since her appearance in the last episode was a hallucination by both Solomon and Nikko. So their satellite conversation in the pilot.

And they lived happily ever after… in NYC after Solomon and the team learn she’d survived the cave-in and get her back. She then travels the world with the team as they search for the other parts of the ring…

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