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Episodes Guide

1) pilot episode, Reunion

Synopsis: We meet seventeen-year-old high school student Nicholas “Nikko” Zond as he’s being expelled from his fourth boarding school in three years. We learn in flashbacks that his father is a professor and his mother was an archeologist who died while on a dig with Nikko when he was younger. When their car is attacked after leaving the school, Nikko is shocked to learn his father’s job as a professor at Princeton is really a cover. He is actually the head of the Veritas Foundation. While is Paris to follow-up on a lead from a French professor, Solomon hires Juliet—one of his former students who is now working on her doctorate degree—to be a tutor for Nikko. While Solomon and members of his team explore an ancient underground chamber, Nikko unwittingly leads the bad guys right to them. In the end, the Veritas team manage to get away with their find—a map of the Antarctic continent at least 2500 years old.

My 2¢: A fun introduction to our band of intrepid adventurers. I loved seeing Arnold Vosloo as one of the good guys for a change. It was also nice to see Alex Carter in a lead role. Sorry to see Lena was only in the pilot, but since Maggie was often short-shifted screen time over the series as it was I’m rather glad we had one less regular character. I do wish we’d had more of an exploration as to how Solomon became such an absentee father when he was so close to young Nikko in flashbacks. Nikko has only been off at boarding school since seventh grade (so age twelve), not the entire time since Haley’s supposed death and it’s only been the past three years he hasn’t been home for summer break. Also, there’s a discrepancy between Nikko being ten when Haley was supposedly killed and her having died ten years ago. [* see below]. When did Solomon totally leave Princeton...or has he? We know he spent some time actually teaching in the past since Juliet, Calvin, and Lena are all former students of his, but he never seems to go there over the course of the series. The close friendships Solomon has with both Maggie and Vincent are obvious from the start. Those two relationships and the one between Solomon and Nikko are my favorites of the series. The scene in which Nikko sees it’s his mother’s journals that Solomon keeps in the silver briefcase he guards so closely is one of my favorite scenes as is their conversation on the plan at the end of the episode.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Haley (to Solomon): “You fell asleep working again. People are going to start to think you’re an eccentric old professor.”
  • Solomon (to Calvin): “My wife uncovered something and I believe that’s why she died. I want to know why Dorna’s so worried about us figuring it out. What do they know? What are they hiding?”
  • Nikko (to Maggie and Calvin): “Is my dad Batman?”
  • Vincent (to Nikko): “In certain cultures, boys your age are run out off into the jungle, starved for three days in a hut, blindfolded, circumcised with a blunt rock and then told they can't come home until they kill a lion with their bare hands. Count your blessings, man.”
  • Solomon (to Grey Man): “I don’t think they’ll shoot me while I’m holding it like this. Well, maybe he would.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko): “That’s why I’ve kept you out of it. Away, where I thought that you would be safe.”

Additional/Extended Scenes in Unaired Pilot:
  • The confrontation scene between the Dean and Nikko in the boys’ lavatory is longer.
  • The first flashback scene with Haley is a touch longer, with Solomon also blowing kisses to Haley and Nikko and saying “Kisses for everyone.”
  • Added scene of Nikko and Solomon walking down the steps of Brighton Academy carrying Nikko’s trunk.
  • Regular credits rather than opening credits on screen in lavatory scene.
  • Added scene of the team arriving at airport and boarding the jet. Plus establishing shot of the jet preparing to take off. And a close-up of Solomon looking at Nikko as Lena walks through cabin.
  • The scene in the hotel room in Paris with Solomon and Nikko starts earlier with Solomon talking on the phone.
  • Added scene of team walking outside toward building after Maggie tells Solomon everything is ready to go.
  • Extended scene in chamber the Paris workers found with Cal lamenting why he has to help map the chamber rather than be the one to go and get the lights.
  • Extended scene of Nikko and Juliet walking in Paris with Nikko telling Juliet hiring her is the first nice thing his dad has done for him in a long time and Juliet explaining to Nikko about the waiting lists of students to take Solomon’s classes and how much everyone admires him.
  • The scene in club with Nikko and Juliet starts much earlier with Juliet and Nikko discussing his relationship with his father and a waitress coming over to get their order. We learn Juliet speaks French.
  • Added scene where Vincent checks over the hotel room and reminds Nikko to stay there and Nikko asks him if his dad is safe.
  • Extended scene with Tollan and Grey Man where Hossik arrives to talk with them. He wants a retainer, but changes his mind when Tollan aims his crossbow at him while he holds one of the birds.
  • Extended scene when Juliet and Nikko arrive at museum where they talk about breaking into LaFleur’s personal office and then Nikko picks the lock with one of Juliet’s hairpins.
  • Added scene of Nikko and Juliet running in the building where the site the utility workers found is located.
  • Added footage of Nikko and Juliet hurrying through the ancient viaduct.
  • Extended scene with Solomon approaching the statue and Calvin worrying to Maggie about them being buried alive.
  • Extended scene of Gray Man and the bad guys entering through the mausoleum.
  • Extended scene of Solomon grabbing the artifact and making his way back.
  • Extended scene with confrontation between Solomon and the team and the Dorna crew (no additional dialogue, just more reaction shots during the explosions and such).
  • Added scene of Juliet sleeping on the plane and Nikko covering her with a blanket.
  • Extended scene with Solomon and Nikko talking (when Nikko asks if he’s even an archeologist, Solomon sighs and says “Well, not entirely.” rather than just the cut straight to him saying “Not entirely.” And there are two additional shots showing each of them reacting between Nikko saying he lost him ten years ago and Vincent opening the door.

My 2¢: While not strictly necessary to the plot, many of the scenes which were cut to make the pilot shorter did have some nice character development to them, particularly for Nikko and Juliet and, to a lesser extent, Calvin. There were a few nice moments for Solomon and Vincent as well. And the walking scene does at least touch on Solomon’s professorial status even if it doesn’t actually explain it.

2) Antarctica

Synopsis: The team heads to Antarctica with Solomon reluctantly allowing Nikko to go along while Maggie stays behind at HQ. Calvin is severely injured and the pilot is killed when their jet crashes. They manage to find the mysterious energy source from the map which somehow cures Calvin. When Connie Wiles from the Department of Energy, and an old friend of Solomon’s, arrives with US soldiers, she covertly tells him she’s knows her boss is dirty. Solomon and Vincent have the soldiers remove the top piece of the pyramid, disrupting the floating energy flow of the layered structure causing it to implode. Though Connie confiscates their hardware, Solomon tells Nikko they still have the data.

My 2¢: Solomon and Nikko are still learning to get along now that Nikko is back with him full time. They have some nice arguing and bonding scenes. There’s also some fun Vincent mentoring Nikko scenes. And some good Maggie moments.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Nikko (to Vincent, after holding stones in his outstretched hands): “Look, these are getting kind of heavy. What are they supposed to do anyway?”
  • Vincent (to Nikko, in reply): “I’m not sure exactly. I saw it in a Kung Fu movie once. It looked really cool.”
  • Maggie (to Nikko, about Solomon): “Trust him to discover it for himself.”
  • Nikko (to Maggie, in reply): “Yeah and when exactly does hell freeze over?”
  • Connie (to Solomon): “This material cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
  • Solomon (to Nikko): “We proved that your mom was right.”

3) Skulls

Synopsis: The third of four crystal skulls is discovered by Bella Nicholson. After double-crossing her benefactor, she auctions off the skull. Solomon is closed out of the bidding at the auction. Though he doesn’t approve of Bella’s monetary and fame-seeking motivations, he agrees to have dinner with her. Meanwhile, Nikko is approached by a seemingly homeless man who rambles on about the four skulls and gives him a picture of Hitler with one of them. Solomon pinpoints where the fourth crystal skull was located and concludes Hitler already had possession of it during World War II. Once he deduces where the skull is now located, Bella drugs him. Calvin tracks down that EuroOne, a front for several Neo-Nazi organizations, purchased the third skull as well as the first two. The game of double- and triple-crosses between the Veritas team, Bella, and the Neo-Nazi leader continues in Berlin with Solomon and Bella eventually finding the fourth skull together. In the end, Solomon allows Bella to get away with the case, knowing Vincent switched the contents.

My 2¢: Though Liz Vassey is fun as Bella, this episode seems just a step out of place with the rest of the series. I don’t think the writers had quite made up their minds which direction some of the characters’ arcs were going to take yet. This is the second episode where it’s mentioned that it has been ten years since Haley was supposedly killed. [* see below].

Favorite quote(s):

  • Solomon (to Nikko): “Look, um…all right, look. I don’t know. I—I think it’s always going to be a bit of a dry spell for me. Even if it’s raining.”
  • Maggie (to Calvin, after the con): “NASA? Nice touch.”
  • Nikko (to Solomon, about Bella): “She’s gonna split.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, in reply): “Relax, I know what I’m doing.”
  • Vincent (to Solomon, about Bella): “I wonder how much the gang at Williams and Ogden will pay her for a pink, twelve-pound European regulation bowling ball?”

4) Heist

Synopsis: In Morocco, Solomon and the team find the Sphere of Archimedes. However, once Solomon retrieves the sphere, it’s stolen from them at gunpoint for Rif, an arms dealer billionaire who wants it for his personal collection. Vincent points out that even if they get the sphere back, they won’t be able to get it out of the country of Dahar, but Solomon tells Vincent he’s confident he will think of something. Juliet goes undercover as a freelance reporter to reconnoiter his compound. She agrees to go back for dinner the next night. After having seen Vincent meet with some suspicious men in the park in New York, Nikko follows him to the marketplace in Dahar. When he’s caught, Vincent appears to kill Nikko by snapping his neck. Solomon and Nikko sneak into the compound in the trunk of the limo sent for Juliet. Juliet manages to cut the power, and they steal back the sphere. Knowing Rif and his guards only want the sphere back; Solomon takes it and sends Nikko and Juliet to safety in an SUV with Calvin. Just as Solomon arrives back, Vincent pulls up in a car with Tollan. He points a gun at Solomon and takes the sphere. Back in New York, Vincent waltzes in with the sphere. Nikko is shocked he’s there, but Solomon explains he’s just completing his mission.

My 2¢: One of my favorite episodes. I love the friendship between Solomon and Vincent. And Juliet really shines during her undercover assignment. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and each of the main characters is given at least one key moment in this episode.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Juliet (to Solomon): “Am I breathing? I don’t think I’m breathing.”
  • Maggie (to Solomon, sarcastically): “Oh. Well, simple. I’ll just hack into the Pike and Campbell databank and get the specs on the fuse boxes.”
  • Solomon (to Maggie, in reply): “Take your time. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”
  • Nikko (to Calvin, when he learns Vincent gave Solomon the scar on his shoulder): “What’s the story on that?”
  • Calvin (to Nikko, in reply): “I don’t know. Excuse me, let me rephrase that; I don’t want to know.”
  • Tollan (to Solomon): “Dr. Zond. I really don’t think you’re meant to have that sphere.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, about Vincent): “I figured everything was okay when you told me he tried to kill you.”

5) Wheel of Dharma

Synopsis: Vincent gets a letter from one of the monks at the monastery in Tibet where he studied as a boy. The team travels to Tibet to find the Wheel of Dharma. When Juliet and Nikko try to save a young boy from being beaten she’s knocked unconscious and Nikko is taken prisoner. Solomon, Vincent, and the High Lama agree they will turn the wheel over to Lin to save Nikko. Meanwhile, Nikko learns that Gyatso, Vincent’s mentor, is still alive and being held in the prison. Nikko makes a deal with Lin for Gyatso’s release. Once they retrieve the wheel, Solomon turns over the fake wheel he also recovered to Lin who promptly smashes it to pieces. Once back at the monastery, Vincent shows Gyatso they still have the real wheel. Gyatso asks him to take it with them to keep it out of the hands of Lin and his soldiers.

My 2¢: We get more of Vincent’s mysterious background. Sadly, Maggie does not appear in this episode. Some nice Solomon and Nikko scenes. And some fun with Solomon quickly figuring out the optical illusion, as does Vincent, but it takes Calvin a while.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Nikko (to Solomon, after his dad easily defeats him): “I can admit when I’ve been beat. Don’t get used to it, okay?”
  • Lin (to Solomon): “Well, it’s quite difficult to guarantee your son’s safety in prison.”
  • Solomon (to Lin, in reply): “If anything happens to my son, and I mean anything, you’d better make damned sure that I am dead because I will come after you.”
  • Solomon (to Calvin): “Now I remember why I hired you.”
  • Calvin (to Solomon, in reply): “So what are you saying, you forgot?”
  • Solomon (to team, after learning the statue is rigged to explode): “Any ideas on how to get the wheel out?”
  • Vincent (to Solomon, in reply): “Carefully.”

6) Sangraal

Synopsis: Robert and Isabelle Fraser are Holy Grail hunters and old friends of the Zond family. So Robert comes to Solomon for help when his wife is kidnapped by members of the Knights of Sangraal who want the Holy Grail as ransom. From clues in a fifteenth century diary the Frasers recently found, Robert is sure an old ring with the templar crest Solomon found years ago on a dig is France is the key he needs. Using clues from the diary, the team heads to Rosburn Chapel near Edinburgh, Scotland where they discover a map which then takes them to Elm Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. They search for the grail in an underground maze. When Robert learns Solomon withheld the fact he suspected the Knights of Sangraal have aligned themselves with Dorna, he blames him for Isabelle’s kidnapping and decides to try to find the grail by himself. He ducks out of one of the chambers just as the stone wall comes down separating him from Solomon and Vincent. Meanwhile, Nikko and Juliet learn Dorna members are on the island and break into Robert’s room just before one of the bad guys comes to search it. After a close run in with the bad guy, Nikko and Juliet meet up with Maggie and Calvin. Since they’ve lost contact with Solomon and Vincent, Nikko and Calvin go into the maze. Eventually Robert meets up with Nikko and Calvin in the chamber they’ve been searching for. Robert sets off one of the booby traps and injures his hand trying to look for the grail. Hearing his screams brings Solomon and Vincent. As the walls begin closing in, Solomon finds a hidden piece of metal and barely makes it out of the chamber. Once outside, they meet with the members of Dorna who want the artifact in exchange for Isabelle. Maggie and Juliet arrive in SUVs and they make their escape. Back in New York, Maggie learns the artifact they discovered is made from a rare iron-nickel compound found only in Antarctica and written in an unknown language, though some of the characters appear to be Hebrew.

My 2¢: In one of my favorite father/son scenes of the series, Nikko and Solomon reminisce about a family vacation they took with the Frasers when Nikko was nine (adding to the timeline confusion as to when exactly Haley supposedly died since it’s supposedly been ten years, yet Nikko is supposed to be only seventeen and still in high school.) [* see below]. I loved the reveal that Maggie is always Plan B and her smirk when Vincent tells Nikko. Another fun episode in which each of the main cast members has a key moment.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Vincent (to Solomon, after he complains about being sneaked up on): “That’s what you pay me for, man.”
  • Solomon (to Vincent, in reply): “Good point.”
  • Nikko (to Solomon): “I remember her and, ah, her and Isabelle, they went and bought all those stupid blankets.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, in reply): “Too many margaritas”
  • Solomon (to Nikko): “Told you I had a Plan B.”
  • Nikko (to Solomon and Vincent, in reply): “Maggie’s Plan B?”
  • Vincent (to Nikko, in reply): “Maggie’s always Plan B.”

7) Mummy Virus

Synopsis: The Kelladyne Corporation has hired the Veritas Foundation to retrieve a pre-Incan mummy in the hopes the remains will aid in their cancer research. While in Lima, Peru, Professor Ruiz from Kelladyne locks himself in a room. As Vincent and Solomon try to break down the door to stop him he douses his body with petrol and sets himself on fire. Back in New York, the mummy is now inside a glass case being treated with a sulfide preservative in an effort to suspend any further deterioration. Solomon is surprised when Sylvie Giscard from Kelladyne arrives. She wants the mummy turned over to her immediately, but Solomon refuses. Meanwhile, Nikko and Calvin are on vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Nikko has maxed out his credit card and calls to ask Solomon for more money. But since Nikko blew over a thousand dollars, Solomon feels he needs to learn to stick to a budget and tells him to work it out himself. Solomon discovers that the bodies in the mass grave they found near the mummy’s remains were burned, something against the Incan’s beliefs. He and Juliet are shocked when Maggie informs them that half the bodies in the mass grave are no more than two years old. Maggie is contaminated while obtaining a tissue sample from the mummy and seals off the lab. When Solomon and Vincent inform Sylvie, she acts as if they don’t need to notify the Center of Disease Control. When Sylvie and her men cut the phone lines and jam the cell phones at Veritas HQ, Solomon wants to get Maggie to help. But Maggie knows it’s too late to move her. They manage to get a message out to Calvin just before their firewall is breached and all communication is cut off. It’s a race against time as Calvin and Nikko fly to Peru to locate a survivor of the outbreak two years ago and get a blood sample back to the CDC so that an antidote can be developed. Knowing Kelladyne wants the remains to develop not just an antidote but the virus as a biological weapon as well, Solomon, Vincent, and Juliet prepare to fend off an attack by the Kelladyne security team. Solomon breaks out and exposes Sylvie and her team to the virus so she’ll call off the attack. In the end, Maggie is saved in the nick of time. Solomon tells Sylvie it was only dust he blew on them just before she and her team are arrested. They burn the remains of the mummy destroying the virus once and for all.

My 2¢: Though it seems strange that Sylvie and her thugs are able to bypass Veritas’ security so totally and easily, the emphasis on Maggie makes this another favorite episode of mine. She was the most underused character in the series and I wish we’d seen more of her. The scenes between Maggie and Solomon in this episode are some of my favorites of the entire series. I loved Vincent’s mummy line - lol! Again, each of the main characters has a key scene to helping solve the problem.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Vincent (to Sylvie): “Mummies. Always trouble.”
  • Maggie (to Solomon): “When’s the last time you stuck to a budget?” [walking away] “Mister Private Jet.”
  • Solomon (to Maggie, in reply): “I heard that.”
  • Maggie (to Solomon): “Nobody put a gun to my head to work here. Let’s do everything we can to kick this thing’s ass and kick it good. But if I lose this one, let’s not have those that are left behind beat themselves up over something they couldn’t control.”
  • Solomon (to Maggie, in reply): “Well, I accept the kick ass part. But I refuse to listen to the rest.”
  • Solomon (to Vincent): “You know, when surrounded the best strategy is to attack.”
  • Vincent (to Solomon, in reply): “Did you just make that up?”
  • Sylvie (to Solomon): “You seem very calm for a man who basically just committed suicide.”
  • Solomon (to Sylvie, in reply): “When you consider the only other alternative is getting murdered, you find inner peace fairly quickly.”

8) Name of God

Synopsis: Solomon and Vincent have taken the metal artifact Solomon recovered from the maze on Elm Island to Hiam, an expert translator. He tells them no one will be able to translate it except maybe a Baal Shem, one of the descendants of the pupils of Abraham and Isaac who know the actual name of God, which has been passed down verbally through the generations. The Baal Shem were considered to have all be killed by the Nazis during World War II, but Solomon has Calvin search for survivors from the villages they were rumored to have come from. They locate one in Long Island. After forcing an introduction to the Baal Shem, Rabbi Drezner, he agrees to do the translation. But he makes Solomon promise he will allow him to complete the task no matter what the cost. Meanwhile, Nikko falls for the man’s granddaughter, Esther. When Drezner is murdered by his apprentice who is an inside man for Dorna, the apprentice tries to blame Nikko. When that doesn’t work, he grabs Esther and in the ensuing struggle Nikko is shot. Esther cures him with her singing revealing she’s the real next Baal Shem which she and her grandfather had been keeping a secret to allow her some freedom. After the rabbi’s funeral, Rabbi Isaac tells Nikko not to bother looking for Esther and gives him a letter from her. When Nikko opens it, he discovers it’s the completely translated text of the artifact which she’s finished for her grandfather. Solomon reads them the story of the Ring of Truth.

My 2¢: Grr! Again with no Maggie. Another episode where it’s mentioned that it has been ten years since Haley was supposedly killed. [* see below]. I love the moment when Vincent looks at Nikko and holds his fingers up in the universal sign for loser. Some nice character moments for Nikko.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Tollan (to two of his colleagues): “We’re all racing to the same goal here. Our only advantage is that Zond doesn’t know that it’s a race yet. And I am not giving that up, do you understand?”
  • Solomon (to the Baal Shem, about Haley): “This was her passion and she understood the risks, as did I. But the work just seemed too important not to take risks for. Sometimes I’m not so sure that we were right. Rabbi, I would trade all the answers to all the questions in the world just to walk down a crowded street and have her hair brush by me once.”
  • Nikko (to Solomon): “That’s a great story, but what does the Ring of Truth have to do with us?”

9) Devil Child

Synopsis: A young boy from an orphanage in the Ukraine is being tested in Moscow as he has an unusual gift for languages. In addition to Russian, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Sanskrit, one of the languages he’s been writing in is the ancient language Haley had discovered that they’ve been unable to translate. Solomon rescues him from the psychiatric facility in Moscow and takes him to a safe house. Solomon and Vincent feel that once he translates the language for them the secret will be out and he’ll be safe from Dorna and the authorities. But Alexi won’t talk to Solomon at all. Since one of the symbols Alexi has written multiple times refers to Dashur, Solomon sends Calvin to Egypt to track down information about a secret chamber that was discovered there in 1884. That night Alexi goes into a trance-like state and writes the language all over the walls of his bedroom. Alexi tells Nikko his mother is still alive. Nikko lies to Juliet that he still hasn’t said anything. Solomon finally clues in that Alexi has been talking to Nikko after a comment his son makes about Alexi’s nightmares. When state security shows up, the team sneaks out of the safe house. Alexi panics. Since he doesn’t trust anyone else, Nikko goes with him on foot. Figuring they will be heading to Alexi’s village, the team tries to beat them there with the jet, but the nearest airport is hours away. Alexi tells Nikko he knows Solomon and the team aren’t bad people, but that what he knows is very bad and it’s better for everyone if he hides it. Calvin manages to sneak into the pyramid but once in the room with the secret tablets, he’s caught by a priest. Alexi finally tells Nikko the villagers blame him for dead animal and failing crops as the village priest says he has a serpent’s tongue since he was able to speak at six months and knew eight languages by the time he was four. While seemingly the entire village is after Alexi and Nikko, Solomon finally manages to catch up with them. He convinces Alexi to come with him telling him the only important thing is that he has his mother back. Back in New York, Solomon learns from the priests who escort Calvin back that the chamber in Dashur contains the words of the devil. And because they are written in the ancient language, the language became forbidden to be learned. They want the language to stay lost as they believe if it’s spoken it will unleash the apocalypse. When Solomon asks if the church condones this, the priest tells him there are things beyond the church. Solomon suspects these rogue priests are aligned with Dorna and covertly tells Nikko to have Alexi and his mother disappear. Solomon lets Nikko know Alexi and his mother have been provided with new IDs and have made it out of the city. While she doesn’t appear in the episode, Haley is heard narrating the journal entry Solomon reads at the end of the episode.

My 2¢: Though there are some nice character moments for Nikko in this episode, I didn’t like the regression in Nikko’s trust of his father. Calvin’s solo adventure in Egypt is mostly played for laughs. I loved the reveal he was a soap opera addict in college. Maggie has only a few scenes, but at least she’s back.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Calvin (to Maggie and Solomon): “I told you, there’s nothing left here at the museum. I mean unless you want me to sneak into the pyramids myself.”
  • Vincent (to Calvin, in reply): “I know another guy.”
  • Maggie (to Solomon, on phone): “Then you should cross the Ukraine border in approximately two hours. That will be the hard part.”
  • Solomon (to Maggie, in reply): “Yeah, let’s just hope our pictures aren’t up in the guard shack yet.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko): “I believe that it’s what people do with power that makes it good or evil. As long as the people who are after Alexi never get him, then whatever knowledge he has is just information and it has no power.”

10) Avalon

Synopsis: The foundation investigates a hollow Druid sarcophagus with no visible seams which was found recently by a group of soldiers. Juliet theorizes it was washed down river during a massive rain storm six years before. It’s covered in residue from a copper mine, so after tracing the probable route Solomon and Nikko go to Avalon, Michigan, a small town near a cluster of copper mines. Maggie informs Solomon that x-rays revealed the sarcophagus has a body inside with amalgam fillings, so the body must be from the twentieth century. The residents of the town seem friendly and eager to help. While Solomon goes through town’s few missing persons files with Deputy Kieran, Nikko befriends her daughter, Fiona. She reveals she’s been chosen to go on a mission, a great honor in her religion. The next day, Deputy Kieran explains to Solomon that every nine years two young members of the community are chosen to go away on a mission. Her brother left eighteen years ago for New Guinea. When Solomon seems skeptical of this news, she asks him to read the letters from the prior chosen ones. The sheriff suggests Solomon go look for answers in other towns upriver as they’ve hit a dead end. He then gives Solomon a parking ticket when he says he’s staying in town. Meanwhile, Fiona convinces Nikko to enter a race in which the young men who are contenders to be the chosen one run blindfolded through the forest. Some townsfolk protest when Nikko wins the race since he’s an outsider, but he is pronounced the winner anyway. Solomon sneaks back into display room to take photos of the chosen ones pictures and swipe the letters. He’s later run off the road. Vincent and Calvin have arrived in town. Vincent points out all of the postmarks and stamps on the letters are forgeries. They learn one of the town’s selectman’s great-great-grandfather founded a Druid community called the Disciples of Denan in Ireland. Deputy Kieran is shocked when Solomon presents her with the evidence the Elders of the Council of Denan have been killing the chosen ones by placing them in the sarcophaguses as part of a resurrection myth. After Nikko goes missing, she uses the GPS from the sheriff’s SUV to track him to the old mines. They arrive just after Fiona and Nikko have been sealed into two sarcophaguses, but manage to open them and get the teens out. Back in New York, Juliet finally gets the translation on the star. The resurrection myth has the same end date, December 2012, as the Mayan calendar and the date of the Sphere of Archimedes.

My 2¢: A fun episode. The end scene with Maggie listening to Solomon teasing Nikko is one of my favorites. And I liked the way the writers were implying every culture and religion was leading to same fate. It’s a shame we didn’t get more episodes because I would have liked to have known how they planned to resolve everything.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Nikko (to the guys when he comes back to the motel dressed in a kilt): “All right, look. Look, it’s not what you’re thinking, okay? I was on the case. It was research. ”
  • Deputy Kieran (to Solomon, about Fiona): “Don’t try to interfere. It’s her destiny. An archeologist should understand destiny.”
  • Solomon (to Deputy Kieran, in reply): “Oh I understand it. It’s written in every language; in every burial tomb that I’ve explored.”
  • Solomon (to Deputy Kieran): “And don’t let this destroy your faith. There’s a lot of beauty in what you believe.”
  • Solomon (to Maggie): “Maggie, Nikko has a girlfriend.”
  • Nikko (to Solomon, in reply): “Dad, shut up.”
  • Maggie (to Juliet): “That’s a little more coincidence than I’m comfortable with.”

11) The Lost Codex

Synopsis: Solomon and Nikko are preparing to leave for a vacation in Belize, when Solomon gets a call from their mysterious benefactor. He flies to Switzerland to meet with him and is asked to go to Florence to get some newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci letters which are being auctioned off on the black market. The letters lead to a lost Da Vinci diary. Jacques warns Solomon that if he doesn’t recover the diary and Dorna gets hold of it, the Veritas Foundation will cease to exist. Contact with the seller’s representative is to occur at a gala opening of a new exhibit at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The exhibit curator is an old friend of Calvin’s. And complicating matters, Cosimo Medici, one of the nine leaders of Dorna, is also in attendance. Sophie shows Calvin the secret entrance to the catacombs below the Uffizi she discovered while preparing the new exhibition. After running background checks on everyone they met at the party, Juliet discovers that Sophie has just completed a year-long internship at the ancient manuscripts department at the Vatican Library. Calvin refuses to believe she could be involved. When he storms out, Solomon asks Nikko to follow him. They go to the museum and soon after Cosimo and Grayson arrive. Cosimo had paid ten million dollars to bypass the auction and take the letters. There’s a struggle and Sophie is shot. She tells Calvin to go. Nikko grabs the letters, but as they run out Cosimo shoots Calvin the leg. He then calmly walks back to the office and kills Grayson. Following the clues, Solomon and the team find Da Vinci’s workshop and the lost diary. Cosimo arrives having let Nikko and Calvin escape before as he knew the team would find the workshop since Solomon is the better archeologist. Cosimo offers Solomon the opportunity to join Dorna, but he turns him down. After a short battle, Calvin starts to strangle Cosimo, but Solomon pulls him off. Solomon takes the diary to Jacques. When it becomes obvious he was never worried about Dorna getting the blueprints from the diary, Solomon becomes frustrated when Jacques still won’t tell him why he wanted the diary. Despite having told Nikko that no one else on the team even knows their benefactor’s name, Vincent meets with him. We learn De Molay is a high ranking member of Dorna and recruited Vincent to go to work for Solomon in the first place. He feels it’s safer for Solomon be left in the dark. The audience knows the real reason he wanted the diary is that Da Vinci wrote the name of the earlier Jacques De Molay as being the member of Dorna who warned him about their evil plans. He doesn’t want his ancestor to be exposed as that would also expose his own role as someone who is out to stop the organization.

My 2¢: Boo! Yet another episode with no Maggie. Despite the angst for Calvin when a college friend he becomes romantically involved with is murdered, this is a very fun episode. Vincent and Juliet go undercover as a married couple. It does seem odd that Solomon tells Nikko since they’re planning a personal vacation they have to fly commercially when Nikko and Calvin took the jet to Wyoming in Mummy Virus. There are some good Solomon/Nikko moments. I liked the reveal that Vincent does in fact know their benefactor and that he is the one who convinced Vincent to leave Dorna and join Solomon in the first place. I wish we’d had more episodes to see Solomon’s reaction to the news that Jacques De Molay is a high-ranking member of Dorna and trying to destroy the organization from within. I think he would have been just fine with the news, but would have resented the lies of omission.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Nikko (to Solomon, about the benefactor): “Dad, that isn’t fair. I mean, everybody else gets a cool cover and I have to go as the dutiful son?”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, in reply): “Well, for you, that is a cover.”
  • Vincent (to Juliet): “Did you just call me Vinny?”
  • Nikko (to Solomon): “Well what were we supposed to do, just hand over the letters?”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, in reply): “Yes.”
  • Jacques (to Vincent, upon learning of Cosimo’s offer to Solomon to join Dorna): “Oh really? Ah, now that would have made things very interesting.”
  • Vincent (to Jacques, in reply): “Solomon calls me the master of understatement.”

12) Eternal

Synopsis: Solomon, Maggie, Vincent, and Nikko are in Siberia where Haley spent three years as a child while her father designed a pipeline. Batu, an old friend of the family has discovered a trunk of Haley’s things, including a diary detailing when she lost in the woods for almost a month when she was thirteen. Solomon and Maggie have both heard the story, but it’s news to Nikko. A Tungus tribesman attempts to kill Solomon, but runs off when Vincent stops him. After Batu shows them the fire flower which has thrived ever since Haley walked out of the woods with it twenty-five years before. Solomon asks Maggie to have the jet fly a sample of the flower plant back to New York, but they’re all staying. Maggie tells him they knew he’d want to look for the cave. Meanwhile, things aren’t going smoothly for Calvin and Juliet back in New York as Calvin has decided he’s in charge. Solomon is surprised when Juliet calls to tell him there are carbon particles in the plant’s cellular structure which are at least ten thousand years old. Nikko wanders off and is captured by the Tungus tribe. Forced into a fight with one of the tribesmen, Nikko is eventually overpowered. His shirt is ripped in the struggle and the tribesmen spot his necklace. They all start bowing to him. Ateevan, the leader of the tribe, asks him where he got the necklace. When he learns Haley gave it to him, Ateevan takes it a sign Nikko has been sent to them to lead them back to the cave. Meanwhile, Maggie returns to town to try launch a rescue effort and Vincent, Solomon, and the guide go to the Tungus village. It turns out the guide is actually in charge of the tribe. He forces Nikko to put his hand in a basket of scorpions until he’s bitten. He promises Solomon he can have the anti-venom once he takes him to the cave. A feverish Nikko remembers his mom flipping the pages in one of her diaries when he was much younger as she drew a bird on each of the pages and it looked to be flying. The images in this diary are too faded to see, but Juliet and Calvin enhance the scanned copies Maggie sent them and realize it’s a message in Morse Code. Once they find the cave, the spring is all dried up. The guide doesn’t care as he’s just after the raw diamonds the rocks and minerals create. When he aims his gun at Solomon, Solomon throws a rock at him causing him to fire several shots into the ceiling of the cave. Solomon and the guide struggle and Ateevan throws his knife which lands in the guide’s back and causes him to fall into a deep pit. Unfortunately he knocks the vile of anti-venom into the pit with him. Drops of water from where the bullets hit the ceiling of the cave drip onto Nikko’s face. His fever breaks. Nikko tries to give the necklace to Ateevan, but he tells him to keep it. Back in New York, Maggie explains to Solomon and Nikko why the fire plant is so old. There’s an anomaly in its DNA strand. Solomon takes the flower and puts it in a vase next to his wife’s picture.

My 2¢: Another episode where it’s mentioned that it has been ten years since Haley was supposedly killed. [* see below]. Also, Bantu says he’s been caring for the plant for twenty-five years, but Haley writes in her diary it was the spring of 1975 when the events occurred, so that would have been twenty-eight years before. Though it is more of a stand-alone episode and doesn’t fit directly into the overall story arc about the Ring of Truth, it’s a good episode. We get more background on Haley and an explanation why she was so willing to challenge accepted history having promised the tribesman who saved her she would be open-minded.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Maggie (to Nikko, about Solomon enjoying the native food): “Never eat what he eats.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, handing him Haley’s diary): “Try this. It’s a pretty good story. You’ll like the writer.”
  • Calvin (to Juliet): “Umm, I detect a problem with authority.”
  • Juliet (to Calvin, in reply): “No, the problem is you have no authority.”
  • Maggie (to Solomon, about Nikko): “Like mother, like son.”

13) Helmholtz Resonance

Synopsis: Jacques De Molay gives Solomon half of a map to a castle in the French Pyrenees which has been in his family for hundreds of years. The other half of the map is being sent to Solomon as Dorna has discovered the identity of the man protecting it. Jacques feels it’s time to find the castle and retrieve the part of the Ring of Truth he knows was hidden there by the Knights Templar. He confides in Solomon the ring is real and they only have until 2012 to find all the parts. But he also cautions Solomon that the piece of the ring will be well hidden and Solomon concurs; the castle will be designed to protect it. Maggie sits Calvin down for a talk. He’s been coming in late for work and having a difficult time dealing with things since Sophie’s death. He tells her he just wants to disappear. She advises him that maybe he does need to get away and rethink things, but he should do so the right way by talking to Solomon and that he needs to come on this trip first. Once they find and reach the castle, the team starts to map the layout of the castle. Juliet isn’t feeling well. Nikko thinks he hears a woman screaming. Solomon orders everyone back to the great room, but on his way back he overhears Tollan telling his men that they will sit back and wait for Solomon to find the ring. And that if he won’t turn it over, they’ll kidnap Nikko. The team packs up to leave, but part of the floor is now missing in one of the rooms they need to cross to get out. They head back to the great room. Solomon takes the first watch. Once everyone else is sleeping, Solomon sees Haley. He follows her as she leads him further and further into the depths of the castle. Then he’s standing in a room and Tollan grabs him. Tollan takes the diaries out of Solomon’s briefcase, randomly rips out pages and burns them. Solomon begs him to stop. Meanwhile, Vincent prepares to go after Solomon. Nikko wants to accompany him, but Vincent orders him to stay. Tollan continues to burn more pages of the diaries while also threatening to kill Nikko if Solomon doesn’t hand over the piece of the ring. Nikko is getting very agitated. Calvin shows Maggie the drawings of the chambers the Templars built into the mountain below the castle and she realizes they are resonance chambers. They jerry-rig the sensors and see that they’re being bombarded with a huge percussion of sound in a frequency below the range of human hearing. Maggie tells Nikko the resonance causes hallucinations and waking dreams. Juliet wakes up and tells Nikko she’s sorry he’s now all alone. Calvin tries to stop Nikko from leaving and they get in a fist fight. Maggie thinks the virus has come back and sees it on her arms again. She tells Nikko it’s the resonance, but he still wants to go look for his father. Nikko thinks he sees Haley as well, but then Tollan grabs her. She warns him to run, that it’s a trap. But he runs after her and sees Tollan. Then Vincent arrives as if he’s in league with Dorna. Nikko realizes none of it is real and focuses on the lessons Vincent has been teaching him. After a series of surreal experiences with his mom urging him to grab the ring, he ends up with the head of a knight in his hands and is shocked to see his mother’s face when he lifts the visor. But then Solomon grabs him from behind and he again realizes he’s been hallucinating. He has the head of a stone statue in his hands. Solomon assures him that Dorna isn’t really there. Nikko drops the statue head and when it breaks into pieces on the floor they find the piece of the ring in the rubble. Back in New York, Juliet is now fine and Cal no longer feels the need to leave. Maggie tells them the writing on the castle relic uses the same alphabet as the on the metal artifact they found in on Elm Island, but the language is different. Nikko is holding the castle relic and flashes back to the elaborate ring he saw in his hallucination on the merry-go-round. He goes and grabs the Wheel of Dharma. Then connects the relic they just retrieved from the castle to the Wheel of Dharma and sets the metal artifact they retrieved from the tunnel maze on Elm Island in Nova Scotia beside it. They are all parts of the Ring of Truth. Using the computer to see what the completed ring would look like, they realize it would be in ten pieces. They have three and need the other seven. Maggie reads back part of the translation the Baal Shem gave them. Later, when they’re alone, Nikko asks Solomon how he could have known the Wheel was part of the ring if he was just hallucinating in the castle. They talk about both seeing Haley. His dad leaves, Nikko lifts his hand and his soda can slides across the table into it. Nikko is a bit freaked out by this. He stares at the can, the ring, and his hand.

My 2¢: An intriguing last episode of the series. I do wish we’d gotten more as we’re left with more questions than answers. Why is De Molay so convinced he has to keep his connection to Dorna from Solomon (other than it supposedly keeping them both safer)? What losses did Maggie suffer? Is Nikko’s telekinetic ability at the end a result of what happened to him in the castle or simply the fact he’s sitting next to the partially reconnected ring? Is Dorna in possession of some parts of the ring? Is the artifact Leonardo da Vinci translated the ancient texts from for Dorna which is drawn in the diary and in the secret room at De Molay’s home part of the ring? Is Haley really dead? The last scene between Solomon and Nikko is another favorite of mine.

Favorite quote(s):

  • Nikko (to Vincent): “You know, you talk a lot for a guy who doesn’t say much.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, in reply): “The trick is to say everything without talking at all.”
  • Calvin (to Maggie): “What’s the purpose of looking for the truth if you lose everything else in the process?”
  • Maggie (to Calvin, in reply): “We all have losses. And they never fail to change us at our core. Believe me, I know.”
  • Solomon (to Nikko, as they study the pieces): “The Ring of Truth. I like the sound of that. That sounds promising.”

There’s a timeline discrepancy as to what age Nikko was when Haley was supposedly killed. In the pilot it’s mentioned that he was ten and that it happened ten years prior to the start of the series, which would make him twenty, yet Nikko is supposed to be only seventeen and still in high school.
  • Max Morrow, the actor playing young Nikko, was eleven at the time the pilot was filmed (though he looks younger) and Ryan Merriman was nineteen (though again, looks younger). Nikko mentions not being ten anymore in the pilot episode. Plus he talks about a family vacation they took when he was nine in Sangraal which all supports him being ten when Haley’s supposedly killed.
  • However, it’s mentioned she died ten years previously in multiple episodes (Reunion, Skulls, Name of God, and Eternal) which would mean that he was only seven when she died since Nikko was supposed to be only seventeen and still in high school during the series.
  • The fact he is still in high school is mentioned repeatedly throughout the series. The fact he was supposed to be only seventeen was on the show’s official ABC website as well as mentioned in several articles about the program before its premiere (and rather obvious in the show itself given he’s only a junior, per the conversation Solomon and Nikko have in Paris just before Juliet arrives in Reunion).

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